How to make a home-made Catapult


Here’s the first post of the “DIY” category. I’ll be posting updates on small do-it-yourself projects for fun and for practical use, whatever it is you may need! For the first one, we are going to take a look at a mini catapult that fires accurately. Now, it may not be a full sized real catapult, but if you are interested in that, you can take this model and upscale it to fit your needs.

To start off, let’s gather some of the materials. You’re going to need:

  • Thin sticks of wood (balsa wood) or long popsicle sticks (get a whole bag’s worth)
  • Moldable Clay
  • Hot Glue or Strong Tape
  • Strong rubber bands

Here’s the process once you’ve gathered the materials!

1.) To begin the construction, get a handful of popsicle sticks or piece of wood and make sure ether are even length. Make a triangular base to support the catapult. Put a few popsicle sticks together to make it firmer and more durable. Hot glue or tape them together in three separate lines. So each line should have three sticks stuck together. Once done, glue or tape the three individual sticksĀ together to form the triangle base.

2). From here, we need to make the catapult arm. You want to do the same thing as the base in terms of stacking a few pieces together to make it stronger. However, stack them unevenly so that the arm is longer than any one of the sticks you constructed before. The arm should be 1.5x the length of any side of the triangle base. Overlap sticks in the three-stick form and glue or tape together. This should be properly reinforced by now, which is good.

3.) The Bridge Holder – now make two more sets of sticks (like each side of the triangle base). Make these firm as usual and glue them sicking straight up halfway down two sides of the triangle base. You should see the frame beginning to form now.

4). To attach the arm now, tape one end of it into the vertex of the triangle base side that doe not have a stick set connected to it. Tape it (not go it) so that i can be somewhat mobile, since you will nee this to move along an axis in order to fire the projectile.

5). To make the projectile holder, mold the clay into a basket model of your desired size, and glue that the the long end of the arm, right at the peak. It should be opposite the vertex in which the arm is also connected to.

6). Now, wrap the rubber band (or more, for more power) around the two stick sets that are stick up. Make sure they hold there, even if you need to stick a piece of tape on them to hold in place. Pull the bands over the arm and onto its underside.

The catapult is constructed now! To fire a projectile, put one that fits in your basket and pull the arm back. You may want to hold the base down to keep it steady, but release and the projectile should fire! Don’t want to gamble for that! and if you run are that dude that does religion and blogging forget it, it might be way too edgy, you might poke your eye out!

Again, you can modify this how you like, as it is a rough model that works. You can upscaleĀ it, use stronger or different materials, and add some color or flavor to the design. Bottom line is, you now have a fun working catapult and can see it in action whenever you want!