Best Gambling Opportunities


Although gambling is usually looked down upon, most people take part in it in one way or another. Whether there is being money on the line or not, gambling can be apparent. There are many different forms of gambling also, so allow me to take you through a few of them.


The cornerstone of gambling is casinos and betting with card games. People turn these into big nights of fun, not just focused on hopefully making some money and beating the odds. Going to casinos or playing card games involving betting is definitely the most popular and common form of gambling. Classic examples include Texas Hold’Em, Blackjacks, Craps, 7 Card No Peak, and Roulette. People will ante in high amounts just to sit at the table and act confidently in themselves. It is ironic actually, since the odds are likely against everybody and not in anyone’s favor. Nonetheless, gambling at casinos is a common rite of passage once you turn 21, and it definitely leads the legal gambling and betting scene.

Sports Games/Events

What would a horserace be without a set of odds and bets? What would March Madness be without a bracket? What would the Super Bowl be without score predictions? Part of what makes sports events so fun is that you can bet on pretty much anything in it. From the color of the gatorade to the score at the end of the first period, bets can be placed on anything as long as you have someone to bet against you. Betting on sports is usually illegal given previous scandals where players would be swayed by gamblers and alter their in-game performances. To cut down on this, any betting on sports is labeled as illegal. People still run black market bets of course, which makes it even more fun. Some turn big profits form this, while others suffer greatly. It’s either a hit or miss, so nobody can ever be completely sure when placing a bet on a team.


An interesting thing to bet on is Magic tricks. Few people think about this, but as a magician, one would have power to make some money through the betting game. “I bet you $10 I can make this bunny disappear.” A lot of people would jump on that opportunity, so if you actually have a good trick that works all or most of the time, see if you can flip that into cash through a small wager. Don’t overuse the trick or else nobody will want to place bets with you. However, using this tactic little by little can show some real profits down the road.

This one can also be applied to any strange or unique talents. For instance, if you can do something funny that nobody else can, bet people that you can do it! If it’s crazy enough then they will likely bet against you. As long as you can back your words up and prove them wrong, you’re looking at a nice little profit.

Although all of the can be exciting, some betting still is illegal. So you definitely don’t want to go overboard. If there is any case where you have a lot of money to blow on gambling, the casinos are the way to go. they are legal and secure, yet you still have high odds of losing – you just may not get in legal trouble for doing so.


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