The Beauty of the Internet

The whole world was changed at the birth of the Internet. the dot-com boom led to whole business being centered around the Internet and started a movement towards to a more digital age. Some say that technology and the Internet are killing today’s youth and communication. This may be true in some senses if it is overused, but the majority of the population finds the Internet to be indispensable. Even those who argue against it end up posting their arguments on some sort of website or social media page, which just shows how big these services are.

The most important use of the Internet is the power websites have from it. Now, so many companies, nearly all of them, have websites to back up their physical stores. Amazon is a huge leader in sales and it is a solely internet based company. Stores like Modell’s, Target, and Best Buy can even be exclusively online. They don’t realigned physical stores to sell three products, since everything can be ordered and ship via the Internet.

Websites are also universal and can be run by anybody. It is a crucial part for businesses not only for sales, but to build a consumer base and a larger presence. For instance, is the URL for a pool repair company. You can see right from its link what its services are. This allows people in search of pool repair company stop directly find them and see their whole breakdown online before having to get an estimate or communicate with employees. If interested, they simply proceed with the directions given from the website.This works for almost all sites. They can be visited for a complete company break down and background, which can then be used to move forward in the process.

Aside from companies and business perks, social media is a huge portion of the Internet’s power nowadays. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account for billions of users daily. This drives traffic to all parts of the internet and several different websites who may be linked to these networks.

How people connect now is made possible through the internet. From social media to iMessage to FaceTime and Skype, there are so many new possibilities that all stem from the internet. To any supporters of the internet and new technology, they see these benefits. Those who doubt them may be blinded even though they likely use the internet just as much as the next person.

Overall the Internet changed the structure of the world. It helps people communicate much more effectively, makes shopping easier and cheaper (given the right deals), and allows for more innovation and spread of ideas. With these benefits comes some negatives. For instance, the spread of ideas can mean spread of bad ideas or harmful ones. Hacking is not an uncommon thing in such a technology driven world, and this can lead to loss of information, identity, or even money. Although using the internet might seem like a gamble, the internet is used all over the world. Even in parts of the world that are poorer, internet access seems to be a staple. From here, it can only grow and get more powerful as the years pass on.

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