Entropia Universe Newbie Guide Part 1 – Planet

Hi there I am a dedicated player of Entropia Universe which is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). This means that basically anyone in the world who has a computer, an account and the game downloaded can play. I have been playing for about a year and I do love it. It is a free to play game, but does have a cash shop (for those who want to spend the money). I personally do not wish to spend money since I do not have much to spend after everything is paid for. Ok so I have learned a few things while I was playing the game, I have decided to give that information up to those who are new to the game so that they can have fun playing the game without spending money.

In order to go to the different planets you will either a spaceship, thrusters, and gas or you could just take a Mothership (there are a few services) to go from planet to planet. Though as a newbie this might be hard since you do not get game currency like most games give you.

Picking a Planet

In the game you get to choose from a lot of different planets, each have pros and cons to them. The planet names are below and from my own experience.

Planet Calypso

This is the main planet that the game revolved around when it first came into existence. It is the main trading planet and has a lot of people on it. I personally do not really like this planet that much since its overly populated and the players here will try to rip new players off. They are semi-newbie friendly.


This planet I like a lot and spend most of my playing time on it. It is a great planet for newbies and the people here are usually nicer and more willing to help new players. This is the second trading planet, but it more regulated and has a few events on it. On this planet you will find small pools of water in the cities. I lie the cities here best of all the planets.


This planet was actually made by a player who got enough money from the game to have the game developers develop a planet for him. The theme of the planet is Rock and Roll. There is not many players on this planet and is not much as a trading planet either. It is one of the harder planets for newbies to start on.

Next Island

This planet is pretty much dead. I have heard very few people actually go there and the game developers told everyone in one of the up-dates that this planet will be getting deleted in the next few years since no one goes to it. I would not recommend going here unless you are doing a “Tour of the Planets”. If you are doing this make sure you have your own ship and gas.


This planet is close to Planet Calypso so it does ok. It’s not a bad planet, but again not that great for newbies. There is not many players on it and rans about 3rd as a trading planet. People there seem nice, but it’s usually very quiet there. If you like it where you can feel like you’re alone in the world then that is the planet to go to.


This planet I have yet to go to, but am interested to see what it is about. I know it’s supposed to be like a desert planet and very harsh. I am not sure what the economy is like there or how the players are their either. I am not sure if it is newbie friendly either, so I would suggest picking one of the main planets first to start on and then hitch a ride to this planet.


This concluded the first part of this beginners guide to Entropia Universe.

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